About Fit4Life

About Fit4Life


Before I became a fitness professional,a USN face of fitness cover model search finalist and then an all conquering Fitness bikinis stage Diva I also struggled with the same issues you all do….Babies,work,stress and a body I hated.

Well I wouldn’t say I was ever heavily overweight , but definitely a bit chubby and soft around the edges so to speak.


When I fell pregnant with my second child I still had some baby weight from my first pregnancy.


After my two babies got a bit older I was left with all the weight that I had gained…I hated my body and I was very unhappy and unfit.

My father-in-law convinced me to start running,he was an enthusiastic runner at the time.That marked the start of my journey back to improving my body, myself ,my life and a better mindset.When I grew weary of the same type of exercise and noticed that cardio alone won’t get me the desired results I wanted,I decided it was time to join the gym.I became a member of the local Virgin Active.

At first I did a lot of spinning classes and then began lifting weights in the privacy of their Studio.


Through these natural progression I started to clean up my diet.
My first step was to eat more natural food and reduce my portion sizes.

I never cut carbs, weighed my food or counted calories…I still don’t…I never did anything extreme. I always try to maintain a healthy balance. With this approach things finally started to happen. The process took longer by the fact that I chose to do things naturally. To me this was a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.
My dedication and focus to the process eventually paid off. I finally reached my goal weight of 52 Kg. I weighed 75 Kg when I started so it was a significant change. I was however skinny fat my body composition was still predominantly fat with very little muscle.


I enter a competitive bikini competition, that was in 2013 and I selected the beach bikini division as it’s suited my physique at the time.
This proved to be a significant turning point in my transformation journey.

At the competition I saw Fitness bikini girls and I was overwhelmed. I decided that I wanted that look which meant gaining more muscle.I went back home and immediately started researching how to change my approach to add more muscle to my to my petite frame.While I competed at the IFBB national Championships in 2014 and 2015 and 2016 I never placed in the top 3 but I didn’t lose hope I chose to take each attempt as a lesson and refined my approach.In 2016 and 2017 I had my best years ever. I won every competition I entered. This included a win in the 2017 IFBB national championships which earned me my National colours and the opportunity to compete for my country at the world championships in Romania. I won the SA championships again in 2018 and went to Spain to compete on World stage again.


If you had told me a few years ago that I would be boarding a plane to compete on a World stage I would never have believed you.
I mean, 5 years prior I did not even own a pair of trainers or gym membership. I still have to pinch myself sometimes.

I threw out my old wardrobe. When I think about the clothes I use to wear I laugh. I gave away sizes 14 to 16 clothing but it wasn’t just the size I find unbelievable, the style of the clothing I chose to wear when I was overweight and lacked self confidence was also not me. This speaks volumes about how weight loss changes your entire outlook on life not only in terms of who you are but also the image you choose to portray.


This transformation process made me a better person both inside and out it gave me more energy and it changed my personality it made me a happier person which also makes me a better mother and wife. You were not designed to eat and stress all day.

We are all meant to be healthy and happy people, but you will only realise that once you’ve transformed your lifestyle and your body even if you don’t fit into a bikini at the end of the process ,which should never be your main goal.Healthy looks different on everybody…never compare your reality with someone else’s photoshopped images…BE REAL and appreciate yourself for who you are.