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I’m Karien van der Wal, Mom of 2.

Before I became a fitness professional, a USN face of fitness cover model search finalist and then an all conquering Fitness bikinis stage Diva. I also struggled with the same issues you all do….Babies,work,stress and a body I hated.

I will guide and motivate you through your journey.

This transformation process made me a better person both inside and out, it gave me more energy and it changed my personality.
It made me a happier person, which also makes me a better mother and wife. You were not designed to eat and stress all day.

We are all meant to be healthy and happy people, but you will only realise that once you’ve transformed your lifestyle and your body, even if you don’t fit into a bikini at the end of the process, which should never be your primary goal… if we are positive it will definitely change your life and positively impact you and those closest to you.

I have helped 100’s of women just like you transform their life through my 12 Week Transformation Program. It’s my mission to help women all over the world to lose as much fat as possible, supercharge their confidence and transform their life so they can feel good about themselves.
– Karien van der Wal



“Every year I start with a new years resolution…. and it’s to lose weight.
Just to be in it for 2 weeks and then fail…. then I came across Karien and thought “you can do it” I closed my eyes and wrote in for her USN fat to fit 12 week challenge.
Through her delicious recipes and eating plans, eating healthy has become little effort for me and exercises a little easier every day… and the weight has started to fall.
A woman never reveals her true weight on social media… but what I can say is I lost 14 kg and 107.5 cm in total and fit again in a size 12 denim (I was a size 16 )😲
Thank you Karien…. I am so grateful for you.
Not only are you the best coach…. you are an angel sent from above.”


Her programs is kickassly awesome. Something that definitely works. Her programs is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle. Her supportiveness, encouragement and her willingness to help makes the journey a lot less difficult.


There is no trainer like Karien van der Wal. She is simply the best and her meal plans and exercise videos is so easy to follow. You WILL see results. Just stay focussed and give it your best shot.


Yes! Best trainer I ever had. She is always there to help, and very supportive. She makes a healthy lifestyle easy and fun! Thanks Karien!


The most amazing trainer I have ever had! She is supportive, always willing to help and her programs actually work. She is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live a happy and healthy life!


“Must say Karien’s 12 Weeks Challenges changed my life .. This is my New Normal .. Nothing feels weird anymore .. Best of all the food is delicious! Karien Thank you for everything and for all the motivation the last 6 months. I’m not one moment late .. Karien you inspire not only me but many people. One can see your passion, in your work .. A motto where I stuck: “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you “The results will payoff and belive me the results are Amazing … Again many Thanks for everything .. πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ€—”


One of the best online trainers I know. will recommend karien to everyone.
I lost 15 kg so far from January. When one feels you want to give up, there are motivation messages not only from her but from all the awesome ladies who take part in the challenge with the most delicious recipes. Thanks to you all you are awesome.


Yess she is amazing at what she does. She not only motivates but inspires you te become the best version of yourself. She makes dieting a lifestyle and enjoyable. I would recommend her anytime ❀️


Karien changed my whole life. mentally and fiesies. Eating healthy is a lifestyle and not a diet. Her eating plans are so delicious and filling. I also learned from her that the number on the scale is just another number and you can throw your scale away. I’m much happier and can’t without her workouts or eating plan.


Are you looking for someone to help you with your fitness program? Do you train at home and need help with a training program or someone to help keep you motivated? Do you need someone to help you with an eating plan?
Well I suggest you try one of Karien van de Wal’s challenges. Backed by Usn Sports Nutrition and with fantastic prizes from the likes of USN and Liquid Salt – you can’t lose!
I started my first challenge with Karien in April 2018. I was training mainly at home on my own. My biggest downfall was my lack of control with what I ate. I love chocolate and cooking with cream and puddings and sugar in my 15 cups of tea each day! I had tried to start 12 week training programs on my own but failed most days around about 4pm when the munchies kicked in…. Only to binge for the rest of the day and start again the next!!
At rock bottom and 67kgs I joined Karien’s challenge and I have not looked back. The first challenge I lost but still battled in the kitchen but whenever I needed help Karien was available to help and motivate and steer me in the right direction. I love the training videos as they show you the correct technique to do each exercise and you can go back to them when ever you need to. Since then I have done 2 more challenges, one complete and I am currently doing my third. Life has made some challenges harder than others but being part of Karien challenges have helped keep me on track.
I am now sitting at my lowest weight in years but that is only a small part of the picture now. I am stronger physically and mentally at 44 years old than I have every been. I am healthy, I understand my body and my cravings. I know I can’t cut out carbs because that just leads to a bigger cheat. I have used USN products for over 20 years and I love their products.
I can honestly promote Karien’s as an online trainer. I love her honest outlook on life and that we are all human. If I were you I would not hesitate to join the April challenge! I will be there